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📍 Current: Amsterdam, Netherlands (CET)

User Experience Designer with 3 years of experience in designing for the Fintech industry

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About me

I hold a Master’s in Psychology with a specialization in organizational and clinical psychology.

So how did I reach here?

My fascination with the unique variations in human behavior, despite our similar anatomy, drove me to pursue a Master's degree in Psychology. During my post-graduation, I had the opportunity to work on numerous research projects.

However, I wanted to do more than just comprehend the findings; I wanted to apply them and create tangible outcomes. That’s when I discovered UX, which enabled me to apply my psychological principles through design, hypothesize, and measure results much faster than traditional psychological paths.

My background in cognitive and organizational psychology helps me to bring a fresh perspective when approaching problems.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching documentaries, exploring Amsterdam, reading books, and cooking healthier versions of my favorite junk food.

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Whenever I read up on a topic, I try to dissect and write on it, to understand it better, but also summarise all the resources I have read.

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